Why Choose Us ?

When you work with BAG Concept, you work with a highly-skilled team ready to walk you through the development process from concept to finished product.  Our product managers and industrial designers are attuned to trends in the marketplace and work closely with you to develop a product that meets target market, margin and pricing goals.  Contact us for a consultation and our starter package to begin creating your handbag line!



BAG CONCEPT acts as an external adviser for your brand.  We provide an in-depth analysis of your product line and your target market.


core competencies

  • Low Minimums
  • Optimize costs whilst keeping design and quality to the highest standard
  • Annual evaluation of suppliers to ensure quality standard 
  • Strict quality control and third-party laboratory testing to guarantee quality products.
  • Global suppliers and manufacturers
  • Short lead time and on-time delivery

creating a handbag line from scratch

If you are a company aspire to create your own handbag line, we are here to provide you with different solutions.  With our resources and experience, we will be accompanying you through all the steps in reaching your goal.